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Leagoo S8 Pro ROM / Firmware 20181107

Some time ago I suddenly received to smartphones in my postbox - these phones were sent to me by a shop on Aliexpress. This was much to my surprise, because I did not order them and I was actually expecting…

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F-Droid and Facebook on BlackBerry 10

I own a BlackBerry Q5 for a few months now, a device that is almost worthless. BlackBerry doesn't have a good reputation and is selling badly. Judging from that it's not surprising that Blackberry has almost ceased the development of…

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ClockworkMod for the ZTE P752D/Smart Chat 865

My journey of Android ports continues! Until I can seriously start programming the core Android system I need a backup solution in order to be able to restore the flash memory of the device, in case anything goes wrong. ClockworkMod…

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ZTE P752D / Vodafone Smart Chat 865 – Porting

I've just started porting Clockworkmod and Cyanogenmod 10.2 onto the Vodafone Smart Chat, the successor of the ZTE Tureis. Only the kernel is booting up for now, but that feature alone was very difficult to accomplish. My first opinion of…

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Security updates + new ROM for the ZTE Tureis

The original stock kernel of my ZTE Tureis has been wildly hacked together by the manufacturer somewhere between 2010 and 2011. In the following years many other developers made changes and enhancements on In the middle of 2013 I…

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Cyanogenmod on a ZTE Tureis.

UPDATE: Android 4.3.1/CM10.2 has been released! I am making progress on porting Cyanogenmod to my ZTE Tureis. I got Wi-Fi, 2G+ 3G, Touch, 3D Acceleration, Sound and probably GPS running (couldn't test it yet). But currently not all keys on…

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