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Retro computer repair : Abit VH6T mainboard

A few months ago I started to build a retro computer out of broken parts from the junkyard and extremely cheap stuff off the internet. Playing games like I used to back when I was a kid (Duke Nukem 3D…

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Repairing is fun – let’s get the Nikon D60

I'm still buying a lot of new things in a broken condition, because otherwise I would have much less fun - even with my limited time nowadays I still try to get some free time for repairing electronic stuff. Repairing…

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Hitachi TX-200: Repair rattling shutter

A few weeks ago I just bought a new projector, after killing my old Sharp XG-P20 when I tried to get a lot of dust out of it. (Note to myself:  Compressed air can destroy LCD panels). I scored a…

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Panasonic NV-MS1 shoulder camera repair

I already told you in my las posts that I'm filming a little Youtube show together with some other people. I even ordered a new domain for this project, but at the moment it still redirects to my other project…

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