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Blood II: Nightmares – MEGA Mappack 2

DOWNLOAD   This mappack contains 76 maps that were scattered in files all around the web. I made them into a single package - just copy the .rez file into the "custom" directory inside Blood 2 and select it in…

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Host Windows games on a Linux server

Don't you hate running an extra computer with Windows on it just to start up the server application of an old game? Or do you want to host a server for a game but there is no Linux binary available?…

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Convert Audible .aax/.aa audiobooks to mp3

Recently amazon's Audible audiobook store had a great deal - one could get Stephen Hawkings "A brief history of time" entirely for free when using the code "Hawking" in the store. However, Audible uses a DRM mechanism. So in order…

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Stereo to 5.1 surround upmix in VIA HD Audio Deck

Recently, my C-Media CM6206 soundcard from china died and so I was forced to use the integrated soundchip of my motherboard, a VT1705 from VIA. What the C-Media software could easily handle was using a stereo source and upmix it…

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Powerslide Windows 7 Patch

Some time ago I discovered the game "Powerslide". In this game, you drive with a sand buggy through apocalyptic environments and like in any other racing game you will have to beat your opponents. It is a game from the…

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