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Play Jedi Outcast + Academy on Linux

Old games are just a habit of mine. As one can see on my maintainer list at the wine project, gaming on Linux isn't such a big problem anymore, even if there are only Windos versions of some of the games available. But…

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Enjoy native DirectX9 games on Linux

The main operating system I'm using is Slackware - I play my games on this system for years and I always try to avoid booting into the junk Microsoft provides - whenever possible. Most games are running pretty well with…

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2015: Rigs of Rods is not dead

It has been a while since I laid hands on the great vehicle simulator "Rigs of Rods" on Linux. I still remember that the program was very sluggish, pushed the limits of my system very hard for no apparent reason…

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Youtube and SoundCloud without Flash on Linux

Yeah right - that's the title! And that is what I wanted to achieve this time. My regular readers know that I am running Slackware64 -current since...years. One thing that has always bugged me was Firefox not having H.264 and…

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Pidgin + WhatsApp on Slackware

WhatsApp is a nice little tool to stay in contact with your friends, privacy issues set aside. The only problem I have with it so far is that it only runs on my phone. I'm at my computer very often…

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Rigs of Rods on Slackware64 -current

Update December 2016: The new package jsoncpp is now needed to display the ingame server browser. Update June 2016: New versions of "Rigs of Rods" are being built regularly now, see more. The instructions below are still valid. I was able…

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