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Cyanogenmod on a ZTE Tureis.

UPDATE: Android 4.3.1/CM10.2 has been released!

I am making progress on porting Cyanogenmod to my ZTE Tureis.

I got Wi-Fi, 2G+ 3G, Touch, 3D Acceleration, Sound and probably GPS running (couldn’t test it yet).

But currently not all keys on the keyboard are responding. Curious, because I added the correct keys to the keypad file.

Enjoy some pictures. Maybe I can work this out with the devs on the Cyanogenmod forum. 🙂

SNC00058 SNC00060 SNC00061 SNC00063

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  1. Hi there Mr Schmatzler,

    I didn’t find anything since April2013 about your progress here. I’m fed up being forced to use qwerty-less phones to be able to us CM and I recently found the Tureis. If you made it, where would I find a useful cm image?
    I appreciate you work !
    Mr Molin

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