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Leagoo S8 Pro ROM / Firmware 20181107

  • 11. July 2020

Some time ago I suddenly received to smartphones in my postbox - these phones were sent to me by a shop on Aliexpress. This was much to my surprise, because I did not order them and I was actually expecting…

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The story of a failed project

  • 20. October 2018

This will be something completely different for a change. Let me tell you the story of a project that cost me a ton of time and patience. The beginning Many years ago I had the not-so-great idea to make money…

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Play Jedi Outcast + Academy on Linux

  • 18. January 2016

Old games are just a habit of mine. As one can see on my maintainer list at the wine project, gaming on Linux isn't such a big problem anymore, even if there are only Windos versions of some of the games available. But…

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Enjoy native DirectX9 games on Linux

  • 17. September 2015

The main operating system I'm using is Slackware - I play my games on this system for years and I always try to avoid booting into the junk Microsoft provides - whenever possible. Most games are running pretty well with…

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Cutting videos on Linux? Yes, it’s possible.

  • 25. March 2015

This entry has been written to promote my tutorial videos for the video editor Cinelerra-CV - these videos are in the German language, therefore this article won't be translated by me. Take a look on YouTube - if you're able…

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2015: Rigs of Rods is not dead

  • 24. February 2015

It has been a while since I laid hands on the great vehicle simulator "Rigs of Rods" on Linux. I still remember that the program was very sluggish, pushed the limits of my system very hard for no apparent reason…

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