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The story of a failed project

This will be something completely different for a change. Let me tell you the story of a project that cost me a ton of time and patience. The beginning Many years ago I had the not-so-great idea to make money…

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AdBlock friendly statistics

Adblock scripts are getting better by the minute. A lot of the adblock subscriptions kick out CrazyStat nowadays. Their detection mechanism is fairly simple, though. They just search for "stat" in any scripts, divs or image names and block these…

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Blood II: Nightmares – MEGA Mappack 2

DOWNLOAD   This mappack contains 76 maps that were scattered in files all around the web. I made them into a single package - just copy the .rez file into the "custom" directory inside Blood 2 and select it in…

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WordPress 3.9: Replace the “paragraph” menu

The default menu of Wordpress for choosing text styles has bugged me since it exists. It's not just that the range of choices is very modest - no, the sucker even forces people without HTML knowledge to code their entries…

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