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Online Community

This page has been my first, real entry into the world wide web. started out as a small community for my friends and schoolmates, but in the meantime it has grown into a substantial online forum with a voice chat, mailserver and various game servers.

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Gaming community/wiki and file archive

Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos combines science fiction, epic space battles and aliens into a marvellous game.
When the former webmaster of its fansite announced to retire in December 2014, I stepped in and decided to do a relaunch of the whole platform.

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Beauty and food blog

In the year 2008 I was standing at a crossroads: I wanted to get away from freehosters and run my own webserver, but I was missing the neccessary experience. I also needed someone with a lot of visitors, on whose website I could try out new and shiny things. Thi was searching for a new hoster for her blog at that time, so I created a fresh WordPress theme for her and learned a lot about anti-spam technologies and web administration. Today I’m administrating the technical side of her blog.

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Project website

Cinelerra is a free, professional video editing software for Linux. When I stumbled upon it, I immediately noticed the outdated, text-based website. I converted it into a responsive design by using PureCSS and made some structural changes to simplify the navigation. The next step will be a complete modernization of this website.

Project finished
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