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The story of a failed project

  • 20. October 2018

This will be something completely different for a change. Let me tell you the story of a project that cost me a ton of time and patience. The beginning Many years ago I had the not-so-great idea to make money…

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Bye Banshee: Rhythmbox on Slackware64-14.2

  • 21. July 2016

I'm sad to report that I will no longer update my packages for Banshee. The current Banshee repository works fine on Slackware 14.2, but I won't put any more work into it. The development of Banshee seems to have come…

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F-Droid and Facebook on BlackBerry 10

  • 17. March 2016

I own a BlackBerry Q5 for a few months now, a device that is almost worthless. BlackBerry doesn't have a good reputation and is selling badly. Judging from that it's not surprising that Blackberry has almost ceased the development of…

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