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Hello and G'Day, my name is Danny and this here is my little place where I can be super-creative. Have fun browsing these sites!



3D and print projects

My blog


Linux Mint 20.2: Install and remove a lowlatency kernel

For my first music production steps on Linux I wanted to switch to a low-latency kernel and back again. It wasn't that easy, but here I'll show you how.

Leagoo S8 Pro ROM / Firmware 20181107

Some time ago I suddenly received to smartphones in my postbox - these phones were…

Retro computer repair : Abit VH6T mainboard

A few months ago I started to build a retro computer out of broken parts…

Install Debian 10 Buster and Froxlor 0.9 on a Hetzner EX52 server

After some incidents with bad performance, shitty network links and extremely outdated software (Debian 8…


The story of a failed project

This will be something completely different for a change. Let me tell you the story…

Debian 8: Recent Fail2Ban, ISPConfig with multiple log files

It's always the same: The deadline of your current project is yesterday and there is…

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