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Deep relaxation in Rerik

I never expected to be able to use a sunny day for photographies in this years autumn - even so, because of my holidays just ending. But I had a lot of luck and was even able to eat a…

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Safe haven

This is my first night shot. Given that it's the first, I'm proud of myself! :) I would've loved to shoot many more pictures, but maybe the future will spend me more time for that. Edit says - post-processing makes…

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Repairing is fun – let’s get the Nikon D60

I'm still buying a lot of new things in a broken condition, because otherwise I would have much less fun - even with my limited time nowadays I still try to get some free time for repairing electronic stuff. Repairing…

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Cyanogenmod on a ZTE Tureis.

UPDATE: Android 4.3.1/CM10.2 has been released! I am making progress on porting Cyanogenmod to my ZTE Tureis. I got Wi-Fi, 2G+ 3G, Touch, 3D Acceleration, Sound and probably GPS running (couldn't test it yet). But currently not all keys on…

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Hitachi TX-200: Repair rattling shutter

A few weeks ago I just bought a new projector, after killing my old Sharp XG-P20 when I tried to get a lot of dust out of it. (Note to myself:  Compressed air can destroy LCD panels). I scored a…

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Powerslide Windows 7 Patch

Some time ago I discovered the game "Powerslide". In this game, you drive with a sand buggy through apocalyptic environments and like in any other racing game you will have to beat your opponents. It is a game from the…

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