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Deep relaxation in Rerik

I never expected to be able to use a sunny day for photographies in this years autumn – even so, because of my holidays just ending. But I had a lot of luck and was even able to eat a delicious zander filet. Cozy 🙂

DSC_1963_v1 DSC_1970_v1 DSC_1974_v1 DSC_1978_v1 DSC_1985_v1 DSC_1986_v1 DSC_1987_v1 DSC_1996_v1 DSC_2004_v1 DSC_2006_v1 DSC_2009_v1 DSC_2013_v1 DSC_2021_v1 DSC_2025_v1 DSC_2028_v1 DSC_2033_v1 DSC_2041 DSC_2042_v1

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