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Access a website in bash and react to it

Sometimes specific scripts I wrote run for years and suddenly I realize, that essential parts are missing in them, which breaks everything. I wrote the article Host Windows games on a Linux server a while ago - the setup described…

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Download whole directory as a zip file (Apache2)

If you're hosting many little files but don't want to setup GIT/rsync/FTP etc. for other people, Apache and CGI may just suit you perfectly. Or any other webserver out there which is able to handle CGI. This little bash script…

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Host Windows games on a Linux server

Don't you hate running an extra computer with Windows on it just to start up the server application of an old game? Or do you want to host a server for a game but there is no Linux binary available?…

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Youtube and SoundCloud without Flash on Linux

Yeah right - that's the title! And that is what I wanted to achieve this time. My regular readers know that I am running Slackware64 -current since...years. One thing that has always bugged me was Firefox not having H.264 and…

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